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6 Reasons That Your Company Should Do Exhibitions and Roadshows

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

Exhibitions and roadshows are the ultimate field events that can attract a lot of visibility to your brand. The purpose of a roadshow is to take your brand and its message to a handful of cities. Exhibitions, on the other hand, are usually single-day events that allow you to showcase your brand, products and services to a significant percentage of your target population.

Both these events have a lot in common since their main objective is to create a good brand image, and spread brand awareness and product knowledge. Moreover, they also give companies the opportunity to have in-person interactions with their target audiences, which is probably the best sales tactic.

Are these events successful at achieving their objectives? That would be a definite YES! When executed properly, both exhibitions are roadshows can be extremely beneficial for your business and help you achieve your main goal: to grow sales and increase the chances of profitability.

If this isn’t enough to convince you to try out exhibitions and roadshows, here are few reasons that might.

1. They Give Your Sales Team What It Needs

Let’s face it: Sales extends way beyond just phone calls and emails. Even in a highly digitized world, customers crave personal interactions with businesses. Participating in events, such as exhibitions and roadshows, helps business owners build face-to-face relationships with potential customers.

Conversations that take place between customers and brand representatives are far more effective than any other marketing method because everyone present in these events has something in common. A business will participate in a relevant exhibition. For instance, a cosmetic brand will participate in a cosmetic exhibition or roadshow. So it’s a given that all the visitors that show up at the event are highly like to be interested in cosmetics.

2. They Jumpstart Demand Generation

Is business notoriously slow this season? You can give your existing demand generation efforts a boost by participating in an exhibition or roadshow. These events can be tremendously helpful in keeping your sales numbers steady and maybe even giving them the boost they need. Roadshows and exhibitions require companies to step out of their comfort zone (from sales calls and emails) towards face-to-face engagement with prospects. This can be a great way to pump up your otherwise slow business.

3. They Help You Remain Competitive

Exhibiting alongside big players in your industry can be intimidating and daunting, but it can help you find out what your competitors are up to. Roadshows provide you with the same opportunity; they give you a first-hand idea of what others in your industry are doing.

Exhibitions and roadshows are events where various businesses showcase their existing products and launch new ones. If your competitor is launching a new product, you will get to witness public reaction and decide if this is something you want your business to try out or not.

Moreover, there’s a chance that many of your competitors have completely abandoned conventional marketing and are leaning solely on the benefits of digital marketing. If that’s the case, participating in roadshows and exhibitions in Dubai, alongside maintaining your digital presence, can give you a hefty competitive edge.

4. They Help Create Brand Awareness

One of the primary objectives of exhibitions and roadshows is to create brand awareness, and most of the time, it very successful delivers on this front. Participating in roadshows and exhibitions is a great way for businesses to make a name for themselves in their industry.

Since these events give brands the chance to interact directly with their prospects and enlighten them about their offerings, they increase the chances of their name being spread by word-of-mouth. However, you can’t achieve this by simply being present at an exhibition or roadshow, you will need to make sure that you stand out from the rest of the businesses and actively engage with your potential customers.

5. They Help Propel Your Brand

Exhibitions and roadshows should be professional and fun. While the main goal is to create brand awareness among your target market, you also want your attendees to leave the event with a smile.

Brand representatives don’t always have to have formal conversations with prospects; a light-hearted interaction by offering your visitors some cookies or tea can be a great way to get yourself noticed. Even though visitors might forget about the detailed product information you gave them, they will surely remember this interaction and associate it with your brand.

6. They Help Get Direct Feedback from Your Target Audience

Exhibitions and roadshows offer the unique opportunity to receive first-hand feedback about what your target audience wants. Unlike many other methods of attaining customer feedback, these events help you receive real-time feedback about your brand, products, and services.

These events also provide you with the ideal environment to actually test out how your attendees feel about the changes you’re planning to implement or the products and services you’re planning to introduce. With just a little bit of preparation, you can gain some valuable information directly from your audience that can help unlock new doors for your business.

In a nutshell, events such as exhibitions and roadshows are meant to be fun, interactive, and memorable. They can help you achieve many of your business goals such as creating a great brand image, boosting sales, and increasing profitability.

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